CAL Bursaries

Each year, the Church Athletic League supports CAL hockey players in their pursuit of post-secondary education by granting bursaries to eligible CAL participants. Up to two (2) bursaries are awarded in recognition of outstanding commitment to community service, athletics and academic excellence.

These bursaries reflect the achievements of young hockey players who are committed to their community, athletics and academic achievement. The purpose of the bursaries is to help the students to offset the high costs associated with continuing their post-secondary education.

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We often forget that hockey is just a game. A game played by thousands of kids across Ontario. Playing the game they have grown up to love since they could strap on a pair of skates. They play the game with heart, passion, desire and most importantly, for fun.  


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Referee In Chief


On an annual basis, the Board of Directors of the Church Athletic League (CAL) shall accept applications, assess the qualifications of, and appoint a Referee-in-Chief who will carry out the duties of said position as outlined in this policy.

During the selection process, the CAL Board of Directors may call on other qualified individuals not elected to the Board of Directors to assist in the selection of the Referee-in-Chief.

The selected Referee-in-Chief will serve for one calendar year, from July 1st of each year through to June 30th of the successive year, unless otherwise removed from the position by a majority vote of the CAL Board of Directors.

Accordingly, the Referee-in-Chief (RIC) will receive an annual stipend, to be set by the CAL Board of Directors annually during the application period for the position.  The annual stipend will be paid on a schedule agreed to by the CAL Board and the RIC.


The RIC of the CAL assumes all responsibility for, and oversight of, the officials and officiating program of the CAL. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Recruits, selects and assists with credentials a pool of high-quality referees to officiate all CAL games and CAL organized tournaments;
  • Provides and/or arranges any necessary referee clinics, training sessions or other programming needed to credential potential referees, enhance the skills or existing referees and/or improve the performance of referees not meeting the minimal standards;
  • Prepares, schedules, assigns and distributes a duty roster (digitally or otherwise) demonstrating coverage for all applicable CAL on-ice hockey events;
  • Monitors, assesses and provides feedback to active referees regarding their knowledge and application of the rules of hockey and their on-ice performance. This includes the referee’s punctuality as well as their outward appearance;
  • Understands the procedures that referees are expected to follow regarding game or other related incidents;
  • Communicates regularly with the CAL President, Board of Directors, Hockey Committee and the roster of referees regarding all matters pertinent to on-ice officials and to the rules and regulations;
  • Assists the CAL President, Board of Directors and Disciplinary Committee in disciplinary matters related to referees, players, Association Members or others;
  • Attends Hockey Committee meetings, training sessions and other events relevant to the position of RIC; and
  • Carries out other duties as assigned by the CAL President;


The qualified individual will hold valid referee certification from Hockey Canada, possess and demonstrate knowledge and interpretation of the rules and other related and relevant policies and procedures.  The RIC will possess excellent organizational skills as well as demonstrate effective leadership qualities i.e., communication, passion, positivity, innovation and collaboration.

Apply Now:

Interested applicants should contact the CAL Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Goalie Initiatives


Two new goaltender friendly initiatives are being introduced in the CAL this season. 
First, there is a substantial reduction in goaltender registration fees for Atom and Peewee goalies.
  • Atom Goalie Fees have fees reduced by $475.00 for the 2019-2020 season. 
    • Atom House League Goalie Registration Fee is $160.00 !
    • Goalies will be required to provide all of their own equipment.
  • PeeWee Goalie Fees have been reduced by $375.00 for the 2019-2020 season.
    • PeeWee House League Goalie Registration Fee is $380.00
    • Goalies will be required to provide all of thier own equipment.
Secondly, the CAL will once again have Goaltender Clinics on Sunday afternoons beginning in October. 
Details to follow.

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Respect in Sports - Parents

At the 2013 Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Annual General Meeting, the OMHA Board of Directors announced the OMHA will move to become a complete ‘Respect’ integrated association effective the 2014-15 season.  The ‘Respect in Hockey’ initiative will require all Team Officials, On-ice Volunteers, On-Ice Officials and now Parents to take the appropriate ‘Respect’ education. 

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